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Re: [Online book: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs]

Has anyone been able to get the download version of "The Structure and
Interpretation of Computer Programs" from http://sicp.arsdigita.org/ ?

I have tried numerous times with various browsers, but the download 
keeps dying after only about 3% of the file has been transferred. I
really want to get a copy of this as its a classic text which I only
ever managed to read part of when I was studying and would like to
finish it (but don't want to be logged in and paying money for connect
time while I read it - hence the desire for the downloadable

If anyone else has been able to get it, then the problem is probably
with my connection (or more likely the proxies my ISP use). However if
others have tried and failed, the problem is probably with the site
and the webmaster needs to be informed. 

If someone has been able to get a copy, what would be the chance of
them e-mailing it to me or making it available via ftp (temporarily of

Tim Cross

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