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Another documentation question

Hello again,

I'm about to start working on the installation section of the Emacspeak
HOWTO, and  I was hoping that you all could answer a few questions to help
decide the focus of this section:

*  What distribution of Linux do you use?
*  How did you install Linux?  For example, did you order your computer
with Linux pre-installed, did you have sighted assistance, did you use one
of the Speakup-patched distros, did you use the DOS-to-Linux box method,
etc ????
* How was your installation experience?
* If you could change one (or two or three) things about the installation
experience, what would you change?
*  How did you install Emacspeak?

Thanks again for your input.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Sincerely yours,


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