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Re: lilo and Dectalk pc

It actually sounds like you're doing quite well, so far. Your internal DEC
Talk board may not be supported, however. Why not get ViaVoice for now,
since you do hear Emacspeak through your sound card? I've attached the IBM
web page that can get you started in that direction.
 On Wed, 22 Aug 2001,
helkenn wrote:

> Hello,
> A couple of questions from a Mandrake 8.0 and emacspeak newvee...
> 1. How to get emacspeak to talk?  I have a dectalk pc version 4.1 internal
> board which performs nicely under Windows 98 2nd edition, but which does
> not appear to be visible to linux-mandrake.  When emacspeak starts, I do
> hear the organ and the announcement that emacspeak is running.  This is
> from the sound card (sb live 512).  My son-in-law and I do not find any
> troubleshooting or "how to", or even readme that helps.  I have heard T. V.
> Raman say that one is to make sure the sound card works first, then install
> emacspeak.  We followed the instructions and do not know what to check next.
> 2.  As you may summize, I'm trying a dual boot set up first.  Lilo does
> very nicely.  However, I cannot tell when I'm prompted to make the
> selection of which os to start!  How can I get lilo to beep or otherwise
> indicate that it is my turn?  Is there some installation/configuration
> switch setting, or something that will signal the human that it is time to
> select an os?
> Thanks for the help.  As I told my son-in-law, I feel like an 8-day camel
> what's been in the desert 7 days and can smell water!!
> Dave Helkenn
> e-mail: helkenn@titan.com or helkenn@pacbell.net or sansomr@att.net
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Title: IBM ViaVoice TTS SDK for Linux

ViaVoice text-to-speech (TTS) technology uses the latest in linguistic technologies to synthesize speech. More than just a simple reader, ViaVoice TTS is a sophisticated technology that goes through several high level linguistic stages to create highly intelligible speech output. Rather than using small snippets of actual spoken recordings and gluing them together, the formant technology takes advantage of a synthesizer to generate the final sounds that we hear. The attributes of this technology are that it is highly intelligible, and, because it is totally generated by the computer, is very flexible and requires fewer system resources. It can accommodate an unlimited number of voices by modifying the gender, pitch, headsize, roughness, etc., and all of these attributes can be modified on the fly.

IBM ViaVoice TTS Spec Sheet

June 26, 2000: The golden ViaVoice TTS SDK for Linux V5.1 is now available. This SDK provides a robust set of application programming interfaces (APIs) that when combined with the ViaVoice TTS Run Time Kit enables Linux applications to access text-to-speech resources.

March 31, 2000: The ViaVoice TTS Run Time Kit for Linux V5.1 provides a flexible speech synthesis engine and currently supports U.S. English only. ViaVoice TTS SDK for Linux

The Run Time must be installed to run the samples in the SDK.

ViaVoice TTS Run Time Kit for Linux

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Technical support for the ViaVoice TTS SDK for Linux and ViaVoice TTS Run Times for Linux is provided free of charge through the use of an e-mail discussion list. This method allows you to easily e-mail your questions and answers to everyone that has subscribed to the list. You will also have access to the archive, which will contain all the e-mails, including questions, answers, and comments, that have been submitted.

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You may be eligible to license the ViaVoice Run Times to distribute with your product. The runtimes contain the speech engine and data files to be integrated with your application package. For more information about runtime licensing, send a note to vvlic@us.ibm.com.

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