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(shell command failed with no output) and how do I get freeampcmd.ui

Hi, all  I have a couple of questions for you. How do I get
freeampcmd.ui? It seems to be the missing text interface to freeamp. I
can't get it downloaded because realplayer keeps trying to open a
non-existent x display. How do I change whatever I need to change to
stop this?

I keep getting a (shell command failed with no output) every time I
use realaudio brouse mode. I do not hear the file I want to hear. Why? 

How do I set it up such that when I want to listen to something on the
internet, I do not get 

"failed to open your x display. Please reset your display environment
variable and try again." 

If I could get these questions resolved, I would greatly appreciate
it. If anyone can help me, I'm open for suggestions. 


Doug Smith: The Righteousness of GOD,
Son of GOD,
Joint Heir with CHRIST 
and Keeper Of The Light.

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