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ViaVoice ECI and CD recording

Hello.  I wonder if anyone is using the ViaVoice library to make
output files of the synthesized text and then burning CD disks for
later reading with an ordinary audio CD player.

I've gotten as far as writing a C program to make .AU files and saving
them to disk.  I can use the play program to hear the speech which
sounds fine.  Trying to use cdrecord to put these on CD not working

I see that in the cdrecord manpage it says the audio files should be
16 bit stereo with 44400 khz sample rate.  This is not what I'm
getting from ViaVoice.  It gives me 8 bit mono at 11100 khz.  If
there's a way to influence the output file format with ViaVoice, I've
not learned of it yet.

Ran sox to change the format of these files with partial success.  I
went ahead and burned a couple CDs expecting to hear at least some
noise from the playing.  All that happens however, is that my CD
player makes a brief sound of like the laser looking for something on
the disk and the CD actually never spins up.

Command for burning that I tried is:

cdrecord -pad test.au

Any help is appreciated.


Jerry Sievers   305 854-3001 (home)     Unix Administrator/Consultant
                305 321-1144 (mobile)   http://www.JerrySievers.com/~gsievers/

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