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Re: ViaVoice ECI and CD recording

On Wed, 19 Sep 2001, Jerry Sievers wrote:

> i'm using CDRW disks so, my next idea is to try CDR as i understand
> CDRW is not supported on certain players.
> this player is a new sony so, i'm surprised if it tyrns out to require
> stamped disks or CDR disks.

Yeah - I would have expected any player bought in the last couple
of years should be OK (my "problem" players are generally at
least three years old).

> as far as testing the disks on the drive i burned them on.  i've never
> played audio on this computer which is a red hat 6.1 box with
> soundblaster 16 and a SCSI burner.  if i learn of how to do it, i'll
> check this too.

I'm assuming you are reliant on the speech interface (if not,
there are a few different graphical CD players - such as xcdplay
and gtcd - which are probably already installed for you).  For a
text mode interface, you can use the command cdplay - for
example, from a shell under emacspeak. Use "cdplay -h" to get
some basic usage information - but just using it without any
arguments should cause an audio CD to play from the first track,
I think. Alternatively, emacspeak has a bundled interface to a
package called cdtool that allows you to control cd
playing. Within emacspeak, just give the command cd-tool to get
at this.  But it will only work if cdtool itself is already
installed.  You can get it in rpm form here:


Let me know how you get on.

- Barry.

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