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Re: what can be done to make a blind user of linux comfortable iwth the computer system

O'Reilly offers most if not almost all titles in braille too. I only use two 
Running Linux
Linux in a nutshell.

I'ts sorta silly, you have to buy the print version to get the braille 
version because you have to prove you "own" the books. But this is a good 
opportunity to go half and half with a sighted friend who is learning too. 
They are the most reasonably priced and easiest to comprehend books. Not 
dummy books, but not braniac books either. Just Rock Solid. You can learn all 
sorts of programming and stuff with them too. Perl is a good scripting 
language for everybody, and probably what you want to learn once you get 
comfortable with the operating system if you want to do slightly more 
advanced stuff.  But programming is a very personal thing language wise, and 
there are so many options. O Reilly covers most of them though.


oh, The win linux questions is a good one. I played with a version of that 
but i brought both operating systems down on my machine and had to reinstall 
everything, so be careful! Backup!

end of message.

On Friday 12 October 2001 01:16 pm, Doug Smith wrote:
> Hi, this is Doug Smith. I have only one solution to your problem. I
> know that, when I first started out using Unix systems, I got some
> books from Recording For The Blind And Dislexic. They have a great
> selection of Unix books that describe, in full detail, how to use a
> Unix system from the command line. These books cover everything from
> programming to simple end-user job performance. I don't know if you
> have a membership with them, but it is well worth it. At present, I
> don't know of any other solutions to this. It might be possible to
> write a completely new command-line-based interface to the programs
> you have on there and simply access them with a menu option. This can
> be accomplished with a simple BASH script. If you want me to help you
> write it, I'll be happy.
> Sincerely:

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