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Re: what can be done to make a blind user of linux comfortable iwth the computer system

More to the point, Emacs has a menu system, and the keyboard bindings
are reasonably logical, at least after one has grown used to them.

I think Emacs and Emacspeak would be a good start; then a new user can
start to learn the shell and other aspects of the operating system
(including system administration) from relevant books.

The Unix shell is interesting from a user interface standpoint because
it can be learned incrimentally: the user can start by mastering basic
commands, and can then proceed to writing simple shell scripts, and so
on. The same applies to Emacs Lisp, no doubt.

My recommendation would be for new users to start by growing
comfortable with the basics of Emacs and Emacspeak as an editing
environment, then to progress to learning other aspects of the
operating system.

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