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Re: [RFB Watching You (ineptly)] Re: Does anyone think this will be fixed?

>I will now stop using RFB on principle until they fix this
>or explain themselves.

I agree, and this does sound like we are heading for a new organizational
structure that that will again place our needs at the bottom of the heap
-- just as most of us feared several years ago when they decided to change
their name and some of their long-standing policies.

I think the effort that Jim Fruchterman is putting together under the
umbrella of Benetech looks promising and, given some time, effort and a
level of acceptance from the blind community, could prove even more useful
to us.  I am talking about bookshare.org, and I would suggest that anybody
who hasn't heard of this group check out their web site (which is quite

My 2 cents worth...

-- Jim

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