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Re: [RFB Watching You (ineptly)] Re: Does anyone think this willbe fixed?

RFB&D's website catalog search works under linux if you use lynx browser.
First you have to know if the problem is emacs, emacspeak, or the w3 lisp
code. Or maybe it is a problem with the rfbd server. But, don't expect
them to fix it for a handful of emacs users when it works for 90 percent
of all other computer users.

Oh, here we go again. Just because people with dyslexia got included into
something that was started for us, it is now once again time for blind
people to be cry babies, because they can't have the services all to
themselves.  My goodness, what are you all going to do when you go to work
and the workplace shoves the windows environment down your throat? Well,
let me tell you. You will use it if you want a job bad enough. And you
need a job to build up those SSDI work quarters and to be able to collect
a decent benefit, if you should need to do so sometime between careers.
So, get over it, the rest of the world doesn't care that we are blind or
what kind of software we choose to use on our personal home computers.
And, we had better believe it. They won't care when we go to work either.

My three cents worth. and I will check out bookshare.org, too. Don't get
upset. I just like to tell it like it is. I worked in a major corporation
for 20 years. We blind folks had parity when we were using WordPerfect
for DOS and CC-Mail for DOS and terminal emulators for DOS.

Bill Gaughan

On Wed, 5 Dec 2001, James Rebman wrote:

> >
> >I will now stop using RFB on principle until they fix this
> >or explain themselves.
> I agree, and this does sound like we are heading for a new organizational
> structure that that will again place our needs at the bottom of the heap
> -- just as most of us feared several years ago when they decided to change
> their name and some of their long-standing policies.
> I think the effort that Jim Fruchterman is putting together under the
> umbrella of Benetech looks promising and, given some time, effort and a
> level of acceptance from the blind community, could prove even more useful
> to us.  I am talking about bookshare.org, and I would suggest that anybody
> who hasn't heard of this group check out their web site (which is quite
> accessible).
> My 2 cents worth...
> -- Jim
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