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Re: Footnote Call Was: New Java-based software speech synthesizeravailable

Wait a minute here, I'm going to highlight two parts of your message by 
deleting the material inbetween. Why? Because the two statements are not 
the same. Which is it?

 On Tue, 1 Jan 2002, Greg Priest-Dorman wrote:

snip snip
> Jonathan has claimed that most people with "learning difficulties"
> will never be able to hold a job.

snip snip

> I am asking for
> documentation for his claim that (in his own words):
> "People with mild to severe learning difficulties do not generally
> have any earned income" 
Begging your pardon, but these are very different statements. I certainly 
don't know about the former, but there's a fair amount of material about 
the latter and it can easily be retrieved with a simple search on Google. 
The sources are places like the U.S. Department of Labor (where there's a 
major initiative about employment of pwds), DHSS, NIDRR, some Canadian 
agencies, etc.

Frankly, the numbers on LD are much higher than the numbers on people who 
are blind or even blind plus low vision.

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