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Re: Footnote Call Was: New Java-based software speech synthesizer available

Jonathan, thank you for your reply.

While I was familiar with the use of "Learning Disability" and
"Learning Disorder" I was not familiar with the specialised meaning
that the term "learning difficulty" has come to have.  Thank you for
the clarification.  I will have to find out if it has that same
meaning here in the US.  If it does, I have not encountered it before.

I would like to take a look at the pdf document you refer to in your
letter.  As it does not seam to be compatible with ps2ascii or
ghostscript so I will have to wait until I can get it printed out at
work so I can scan and OCR it (unless you can kick me a plain text
version).  If I have any questions for you once I have read the
document I will write you off the list.

Thanks again for the clarification,


 Greg Priest-Dorman

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