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Re: Footnote Call Was: New Java-based software speech synthesizer available

Thanks Roger,

You point to an interesting study, but as presented it cannot be used
to support his claim.  The referenced work is a general study of
individuals with all sorts of disabilities and is over 20 years old.
It is not a study of people with "mild to severe learning
difficulties".  Given the information presented, I would doubt that
people with "mild learning difficulties" would be included in the
definition of disabled used in statistics in the study, but I could be

To clarify my request:

Jonathan has claimed that most people with "learning difficulties"
will never be able to hold a job.  I am not claiming the workplace is
"fair".  I am not claiming equity of wages.  I am not denying that
there are conditions that make it impossible to hold a job or earn an
income (conventional or otherwise). I am asking to see the evidence
that the stated type of disability ("mild to severe learning
difficulties") is one of these conditions.  I am asking for
documentation for his claim that (in his own words):

"People with mild to severe learning difficulties do not generally
have any earned income" 

Further, I am requesting that if he cannot back up this claim, he
stop making it on this list.

I hope this clarifies my request.


 Greg Priest-Dorman

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