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Invitation for comments

Hi emacspeak users and non users,

as you may know, there is the Blinux web page at 
http://leb.net/blinux which deals with running Linux as an user
who is blind. At my blinux web site, there is also some information 
available about Emacspeak 

Among other things there is a small chapter called 'Voices about Emacspeak' 
avaialble at http://leb.net/blinux/emacspeak_voices.html . 

I want to invite you to look into that chapter and - if you like, 
to send your personal impressions about Emacspeak to me too.
Your contributions will be included into 'Voices about Emacspeak'.
Follow up comments from earlier contibutors welcome (how did your 
opinion develop over time?).

It doesn't matter in which direction (positive or negative) you opinion
about Emacspeak goes. The goal is to give other people who are considering
using Emacspeak some help to make a sound decision pro or against 
using Emacspeak. If you prefer not to shine up under your name - no
problem - your contribution then will shine up without any reference to
your name or email address.

I'm very interested about your personal views and and comments. 
Please email them to me. My email address hzo@gmx.de

PS: The goal of this effort is _not_ to create a 2nd Emacspeak home
page. But to improve the level of information about Emacspeak available 
at the Blinux home page.


Blind support for Linux           - http://www.leb.net/blinux/

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