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Re: OT: emacs with jaws

Although I have never tried to get emacs working under a windows
envrionment, there is a little I can contribute -

1. Binary versions of emacs for windows (especially windows NT) do
exist and have quite a strong user community.

2. To get emacspeak working, you will need a version of extended TCL
for windows. I believe there is a port of TCL, but don't know about
extended TCL. 

3. You would need to use either IBM's via voice or a hardware
synthesizer or write a new driver for one of the other software synths
available under windows. Again, your big problem is TCLx. Note that
the Java FreeTTS is probably the way to go - you could replace the TCL
stuff with Java and use freeTTS.

4. In my opinion, Jaws is rubbis. If you have to use a windows screen
reader, try out windows-eyes. I've found that Jaws is really only
passable if you use only microsoft software and it does not handle
non-MS software well at all. Windows-eye on the other hand seems a lot
more stable, works better with a wider range of application vendor
software  and doesn't have any irritating authentication key
scheme. Versions for win2k and XP are currently abailable in beta form
with the final release expected in the very near future. 

If Jaws does not recognize the emacs editing buffers etc, I don't
think you can do much. Jaws does (at least it use to) have a scripting
language you could use to better configure it to work with some
applications and you may have some joy looking at that. 

I do think this is probably the wrong list to ask about this - you are
not asking about getting emacspeak working under windows - just emacs
with Jaws. You will probably get much better advice from one of the
jaws mailing lists.

Doug Smith writes:
> Hi. I really don't think what you are suggesting is really off
> topic. Why? We all have our favorite OS's and platforms we like to use
> and there's no real reason why we couldn't all have emacspeak under
> those OS's. 
> How to deal with the problem at hand is sort of involved. 
> First of all, emacs itself will have to be ported to windows. If you
> have such a version of emacs, you're on the way. Next, you would have
> to port emacspeak to windows. In order to do this, you would have to
> have the source code for all the pieces of emacspeak. These are
> available at: 
> http://emacspeak.sourceforge.net
> Now, after you have all this, you need to be sure that the windows
> port of emacs itself is working properly because a great deal of what
> goes with emacspeak is in emacs's own programming language called
> emacs-lisp. 
> You will also need a working version of TCL on your machine. This is
> because part of the emacspeak scripting is in this language as well. 
> Now comes the real trick. You will need to write a speech server for
> emacspeak which would drive the speech equipment you have. If you are
> using a software synthesizer, you will have to contact the
> manufacturer or someone who is familiar with this program and find out
> how to write the server. When all this is done, as far as I know, it
> should work. If not, perhaps someone else might help you with the
> rest. 
> I know nothing about either JAWS or Windows because I have never used
> either of these products. I just hope that this little bit of info
> will help you in your attempt to get this to work. You are right. It
> will look good to do this in front of your friends. 
> Sincerely: 
> -- 
> Doug Smith: The Righteousness of GOD,
> Son of GOD,
> Joint Heir with CHRIST 
> and Keeper Of The Light.
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