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emacspeak and unprivileged accounts

The first place I installed emacspeak was by root and for root in red hat
7.0.  Then I used some linux commands to make me an unprivileged account for
online and everyday use.  Then I went into the unprivileged account's home
directory and edited .bashrc and .bash_profile and included
DTK_PROGRAM=doubletalk and DTK_port=/dev/ttyS0 and export DTK_PROGRAM
DTK_PORT in each of them.  Then I rebooted the machine and logged in as
unprivileged user and tried running emacspeak.  Something different happened
this time.  I got an error with the beeping like I'd been having before.  So
I reboot and go in as root and su to unprivileged account and tried running
emacspeak a second time since I had already started it up as root to hear
why this second instance was complaining.  It turns out emacs not emacspeak
thinks my terminal is too dumb to use since it can't position the cursor or
clear the screen.  I know that if I type mx shell then type man man_page man
complains about this too, but now this seems to be spreading into
unprivileged accounts too at a very inopportune place in the operating
sequence.  I've typed TERM=linux and export TERM since this is bash in the
unprivileged account's shell before trying to start up emacspeak with no
good effect too.  Has anyone else on this list stumbled down this path and
can maybe tell me some things I can look at to fix this mess?

Jude <dashiell@starpower.net>

Net-Tamer V 1.13 Beta - Registered

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