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Re: emacspeak and unprivileged accounts

Jude DaShiell writes:
 > The first place I installed emacspeak was by root and for root in red hat
 > 7.0.  Then I used some linux commands to make me an unprivileged account for
 > online and everyday use.  Then I went into the unprivileged account's home
 > directory and edited .bashrc and .bash_profile and included
 > DTK_PROGRAM=doubletalk and DTK_port=/dev/ttyS0 and export DTK_PROGRAM
 > DTK_PORT in each of them.  Then I rebooted the machine and logged in as
 > unprivileged user and tried running emacspeak.  Something different happened
 > this time.

The problem is that permissions probably aren't set properly on the
port to which the synthesizer is connected. Make sure you have write
permission to it. Test this by running the speech server separately
from Emacspeak.

If it isn't the synthesizer port, then it could be one of the
Emacspeak directories - but that isn't likely, since the installation
process typically sets up the appropriate file and directory

Also make sure you have write access (as an oridnary user) to the
audio device: /dev/audio (this will ensure that auditory icons and,
for that matter, other sound files can be played).

To be more specific, try chmod 666 $DTK_PORT for a quick solution.

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