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Re: emacspeak and unprivileged accounts

On 2002-01-24 jasonw@ariel.ucs.unimelb.edu.au said:
   >CC: emacspeak@cs.vassar.edu
   >Jude DaShiell writes:
   >> The first place I installed emacspeak was by root and for root in
   >>red hat  7.0.  Then I used some linux commands to make me an
   >>unprivileged account for  online and everyday use.  Then I went
   >>into the unprivileged account's home  directory and edited .bashrc
   >>and .bash_profile and included  DTK_PROGRAM=doubletalk and
   >>DTK_port=/dev/ttyS0 and export DTK_PROGRAM  DTK_PORT in each of
   >>them.  Then I rebooted the machine and logged in as  unprivileged
   >>user and tried running emacspeak.  Something different happened
   >this time.
   >The problem is that permissions probably aren't set properly on the
   >port to which the synthesizer is connected. Make sure you have write
   >permission to it. Test this by running the speech server separately
   >from Emacspeak.
   >If it isn't the synthesizer port, then it could be one of the
   >Emacspeak directories - but that isn't likely, since the
   >installation process typically sets up the appropriate file and
   >directory permissions.
   >Also make sure you have write access (as an oridnary user) to the
   >audio device: /dev/audio (this will ensure that auditory icons and,
   >for that matter, other sound files can be played).
   >To be more specific, try chmod 666 $DTK_PORT for a quick solution.
Jason, Blue Ribbon.  It was that port I didn't have access to on this
machine and that chmod 666 $DTK_PORT command fixed it so now I have an
unprivileged account also able to have emacspeak talking on it too.  As a
preemptive strike, I ran chmod 666 /dev/audio too so when I can get the alsa
drivers installed those will be able to find a sound card and use it too.
Thanks much!

Jude <dashiell@starpower.net>

Net-Tamer V 1.13 Beta - Registered

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