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Re: Incomplete Sentences

True, that does sound like a problem that involves memory. How much
memory do you have on there? That speech kit is designed, according to
the instructions, to run in 128 meg of RAM. I only have 32 meg on
here, but it runs better than that. When I get some more memory, here
in the next little while, I expect viavoice to run with no problems
whatsoever. The only thing I have happen on here is that, when the
memory usage goes way up, viavoice first starts to stutter, then, if
there is continued high memory requirement, it finally stops
working. This can result in either the need to reset the computer or
to press control-e control-s to restart the speech server again. 

I have no other suggestion than that, if you have less than 128 meg on
there you need to put some more RAM on. If this isn't possible right
now, just press control-e control-s to reset the speech server. I hope
this helps. 


Doug Smith: The Righteousness of GOD,
Son of GOD,
Joint Heir with CHRIST 
and Keeper Of The Light.

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