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Re: emacspeak versus commercial software

So use the free jaws demo on the $250.0 P90.
That's a rip-off though because you can buy a fully
configured Linux box at Frys this week for $249.0--
700mhz processor, 20gb hard-drive and 128mb RAM.

So the choice is yours.
And there is even less in this for me than you.>>>>> "Patrick" == Patrick Gordon <pcgordon@mediaone.net> writes:

    Patrick> Raman, Please do not read this as criticism.  I
    Patrick> am merely looking for a critical analysis of
    Patrick> emacspeak versus commercial software. Jason
    Patrick> provided exactly the type of information I am
    Patrick> looking for (though I have not yet fully
    Patrick> digested his comments).  I have not been able
    Patrick> to get this software to work on two PCs so far.
    Patrick> The first one was a P90 with only 32 MB that
    Patrick> would have cost $250 just to add the additional
    Patrick> required memory.  This second one is a laptop
    Patrick> whose soundcard does not pass muster.  Yet, the
    Patrick> free Jaws demo works on both of these systems
    Patrick> as is, so for me, emacspeak is a more expensive
    Patrick> alternative. It is not a case of me being
    Patrick> disappointed with linux, and I certainly do not
    Patrick> want to waste anybody's time arguing over which
    Patrick> is better.  I am just trying to determine where
    Patrick> I should expend my effort.  Heck, there is
    Patrick> absolutely nothing in this for me personnaly.

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    Patrick> <emacspeak@cs.vassar.edu> Sent: Saturday,
    Patrick> February 16, 2002 12:01 AM Subject: Re:
    Patrick> emacspeak versus commercial software

    >> Also I suspect a major red herring here.
> Some wires may have gotten crossed with messages on the
> list:
> Originally Greg and others had pointed Patrick at irqtune as
> a means of setting IRQ priorities.
> Later I also said "it's probably due to bad IRQ settings"--
> but I was not refering to tuning IRQ priorities --but to set
> the right IRQs for that sound card.
> Patrick --if you're disappointed with Linux and feel it's a
> waste of your time to debug your troubles, by all means get
> MS Windows and a screenreader  --let's not waste band-width
> and breath arguing over what  may or may not be better.
> The situation you are hitting is basically a sound card that
> you have that is not fully supported or functional on Linux;
> you have the option of:
> If you wish to run Linux:
> A getting a sound card that works with Linux
> B Getting a hardware synth;
> or
> Alternatively abandon your Linux efforts.
> >>>>> "Jason" == Jason White <jasonw@ariel.ucs.unimelb.edu.au> writes:
>     Jason> Patrick Gordon writes:
>     >> I have put in many hours trying to build a demo of a useful
    Patrick> text-to-speech
    >> >> tool for my blind friend.  At this point, I feel
    >> it necessary to do
    Patrick> a sanity
    >> > check on this listserv.  Today, I came to the
    >> conclusion that irqtune,
    Patrick> a
    >> > vital tool needed to make emacspeak functional on
    >> my system, will not
    Patrick> work
    >> > with RH 7.2.  The binary is nonfunctional on 7.2 and the c source code
    >> > requires compiler extensions not supported in the RH 7.2 distribution.
>     Jason> This is odd; surely it will compile with gcc
>     Jason> 2.95.x or gcc 3.0.x? Or is a needed library
>     Jason> missing?
>     Jason> I would suggest ensuring that your compiler is up
>     Jason> to date and that any necessary libraries are
>     Jason> installed. If it still doesn't work, the next
>     Jason> step is to contact the developers to find out
>     Jason> whether a patch is available that would overcome
>     Jason> your problem.

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