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Re: Incomplete Sentences

Hello Patrick,
   I did a little bit of research into Linux support of this NeoMagic sound card. 
It appears that a driver for this card has been included in the linux kernel since kernel
version 2.2.13, but that there are some problems with it. It was written by  
educated guesses as to how the soundchip works, not with specifications supplied by
the manufacturer.  One of the problems is that the video card and the sound card share 
memory and there were some problems with  X-windows interfering with the sound. 
Are you running this system under X or are you running from a plain shell? 

Also as others have suggested the driver may run differently (maybe better) with an older kernel. 
Try using RedHat 7.0 which installs with the older 2.2 kernel.

Good Luck,
Bill Barry

On Fri, Feb 08, 2002 at 09:36:39PM -0500, Patrick Gordon wrote:
> I would not be suprised to discover that the problem is the sound driver.
> The sound driver in my Dell laptop is also used in many Sony and IBM
> laptops, namely, NeoMagic Magic Media 256AV.  I wonder what laptop you were
> using?

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