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Re: alsa-project question

redhat 7.0 according to sndconfig does not support the ensonic pci 5880
sound card.  I don't know that the alsa-project drivers in this case would
do anymore than take up disk real estate either.  The other things with
ethernet card are still hanging fire.  I have a copy of redhat 7.2 here but
don't know how to do a talking install of it using emacspeak other than to
roll a kickstart script.  One thing that has me concerned about kickstart
script is the rootpwd directive.  What isn't made clear in that file is once
you've used that directive if you key in exactly the same string at the
password prompt to get access to the system.

Jude <dashiell@starpower.net>

Net-Tamer V 1.13 Beta - Registered

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