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Re: XSLT and charset encoding


I just want to experiment for my own because I have some difficulties
with displaying Russian pages. So if you know how to do the xslt
transparent, couldn't you give me a hint?

besides, I have the following reasons why I think xslt should be
transparent with respect to charset encoding.

First, if browser has gotten content-type through the http protocol,
then according to html standard these data have priority over those
found in the corresponding <meta
http-equiv...> tag. That is, xslt processor may make wrong assumption
about source charset encoding based on the meta tag.

Second, if browser notices that encoding has been changed in between
it may use this new encoding to send form data despite the original
one which may make form interaction behave badly.

Third, many html pages do not contain meta tag for content-type at
all. In this case xsltproc does not perform actual conversion and
simply adds "right" (as it thinks) charset= declaration.

These issues except latter are only theoretical though and require
additional testing. Currently My problem is that w3m-el displays
numeric references like &#1087; produced by xsltproc by garbage

>>>>> "TVR" == T V Raman <raman@cs.cornell.edu> writes:

TVR> that's too error prone >>>>> "Dmitry" == Dmitry Paduchih <paduch@imm.uran.ru> writes:

Dmitry> Hello,

Dmitry> Currently I am playing with the xslt feature of
Dmitry> Emacspeak and have one question. Is it possible
Dmitry> to adjust xsltproc so that it wouldn't change
Dmitry> charset encoding in the html document? That is,
Dmitry> I would prefer if it does not convert characters
Dmitry> into any particular charset encoding and just
Dmitry> treats characters as a raw data.

Dmitry> Regards, Dimitri


TVR> -- 
TVR> Best Regards,
TVR> --raman



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