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Re: buffer has no process problem

This happens if yu are running term and you type 'exit' or possibly
'logout' while in the term buffer. When you do this, the shell process
you are running is killed and emacs doesn't know what to do anymore -
it was taking its imput from the inferior shell process and sending
output to that process, but when you typed 'exit' you killed that
process and emacs doesn't know what to do with your input anymore.

Solution is very simple. Don't exit/kill the terminal process. If you
no longer need the term process, then kill the buffer (from within
term this is C-c k), or switch to another buffer and then kill the term
buffer. Better still, just leave it alone - you will probably want it
again and if its already running, you don't have to start another one,
just switch to that buffer with C-x bb. 


P.S. If your confused why C-x k will not kill a buffer from within term,
but C-c k will, then read the manual and you will find the answer

Also, remember Linux is not windows - you do NOT need to reboot all
the time. In fact, probably the ONLY time you need to reboot is to
install new hardware, new kernel or if you have a TOTAL system
freez (which I've experienced probably less than 10 times in nearly 10
years of linux use). 
. If you think emacs is frozen, the chances are 99 percent or
more that you are mistaken. Remember Linux is a multi-user
multi-tasking operating system. If you get into trouble with emacs and
can't find your way out, then change to another console (e.g. Alt-F2),
loging, restart emacspeak  and work out whats going on or just kill
any running emacs processes with the kill or killall command. 

Jude DaShiell writes:
> With emacspeak 15.01 I've been running into a message buffer has no process
> and when this happens using c-xk just makes the pc speaker beep.  Only way
> I've managed to eject has been to crash linux and start everything over
> again.  Sometimes this happens after doing a m-xterm command and trying to
> exit out of it back into emacspeak.  The term part of emacs runs a shell and
> if the shell isn't being used for continuing work I prefer to have them
> closed out.
> Jude <dashiell@starpower.net>
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