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Emacspeak server for Festival Lite

[Some of you may have seen this already, but please note the new url.]

I have been developing an Emacspeak server for the Festival Lite tts
synthesizer.  It is implemented as a C application that links against the
Festival Lite libraries.  It is multi-threaded, creating a thread to
handle requests to synthesize text and another thread to play the
synthesized text.  It uses Festival Lite's interface for playing sound, so
it theoretically supports ALSA natively, although I have not tested it
with ALSA.  (I seem to remember having trouble getting FLite to compile
with the latest ALSA driver.)  It should also support the Ipaq, since
Festival Lite reportedly does.

Anyway, the server can be downloaded from http://eflite.sf.net.  Let me
know if any of you try it and how things go.  I have been using it
successfully on my notebook, albeit with yasr.

-- Michael Gorse / AIM:linvortex / http://mgorse.home.dhs.org --

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