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Re: emacspeak 15.0 unresponsive.

did you read http://www.cs.cornell.edu/home/raman/emacspeak/install-guide/

if so you may have missed 3 vital actions, I often do....

from 4.6

Using the cd command, change directories to the /etc directory and open your
profile file with your favorite text editor (you must be root to edit the
profile). Scroll to the bottom of the file, then add the following two

   export DTK_PROGRAM
   DTK_PROGRAM=name of your speech server

(outloud in my case, this is if you using viavoice)

also from 3.3

if you are using  viavoice did you download and install  stdiom from

then from 5

cp path/stdiosynth /usr/bin

Hope this works for you


jonathan chetwynd

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