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            Hello Jude,

>>>>> "JD" == Jude DaShiell <dashiell@starpower.net> writes:

JD>                                                            It was
JD> the (setq w3m-use-form t) line I didn't have. Is that last setq
JD> line entered in all lower case? The other autoload lines are as
JD> you have written them in my emacs file but putting this last setq
JD> line in all lower case had no effect.

In my installation of emacs-w3m the variable w3m-use-form is t by
default, so I guess adding this form wouldn't make a difference.

Besides adding autoload forms you need actually have the compiled
files of emacs-w3m (aka w3m-el) in your system. If your distribution
doesn't contain w3m-el in packaged form then get a tarball from


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