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re: problems with w3 and secure sites.

I only recently managed to sort through this one myself.  
Here are the relevant lines from my .emacs
(setq ssl-program-name "essl"
      ssl-program-arguments '("s_client" "-quiet" "-host" host "-port"
                              "-verify" (int-to-string ssl-certificate-verification-policy)
                              "-CApath" ssl-certificate-directory))

and have a script essl which looks like

#redirect stderr so emacs doesn't barf on opensll
exec 2>/dev/null
exec openssl "$@"

This is, I think, pretty much following some instructions posted to
the list, probably by TVR. The main difference between my set-up and
yours might be the script set-up.  I haven't tried  a huge number of
secure sites since I did this but I've had success with my attempts. 
Hope this helps

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