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On Tue, Apr 16, 2002 at 05:50:17AM -0230, Doug Lawlor wrote:
> Hello list,  Sorry if this question has been answered before.  I am in
> the
> process of installing emacspeak and went to the ibm page suggested in
> the
> 'VIAVOICE' file in the 'servers' directory of emacspeak-15.0.  The only
> thing I can find relating to Linux is the IBM Viavoice dictation system.
> I am sure that is not what I need.  Where do I find the Viavoice TTS?  
> thanks in advance,  
> Doug
> --
Hi Doug,
Not much help, I have the same trouble so; 

If anyone has the magic incantation that will access IBM's ViaVoice site
would the please publish it to the list?




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