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Hum: it looks like IBM may have removed the (free) ViaVoice SDK
for linux offering.  The nearest reference I could find was this:


This is not good.

I still have the original copies I downloaded from IBM; but,
looking at the licence, it specifically prohibits redistribution;
even worse, I now notice that it says it has a fixed termination
date of 06/30/2001 (so I shouldn't even still be using it myself!).

It is conceivable that one could get the "ViaVoice SDK, Java
Technology Edition" running on a linux platform; and that may
actually be IBM's intention and strategy (in removing the linux
specific SDK).  On the other hand, the specific information on
the Java edition specifies that it is only supported on Windoze

Does anyone any other information (or an inside line to IBM)?

Or has anyone got emacspeak working with an alternative software
synthesiser, such as festival or festival lite?


- Barry.

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