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Barry McMullin a écrit :
> Hum: it looks like IBM may have removed the (free) ViaVoice SDK
> for linux offering.  The nearest reference I could find was this:
>   http://www-3.ibm.com/software/speech/dev/sdk_linux.html
> This is not good.
> I still have the original copies I downloaded from IBM; but,
> looking at the licence, it specifically prohibits redistribution;
> even worse, I now notice that it says it has a fixed termination
> date of 06/30/2001 (so I shouldn't even still be using it myself!).
> It is conceivable that one could get the "ViaVoice SDK, Java
> Technology Edition" running on a linux platform; and that may
> actually be IBM's intention and strategy (in removing the linux
> specific SDK).  On the other hand, the specific information on
> the Java edition specifies that it is only supported on Windoze
> platforms.
> Does anyone any other information (or an inside line to IBM)?
> Or has anyone got emacspeak working with an alternative software
> synthesiser, such as festival or festival lite?
> Best,
> - Barry.

You may try :

I have made it speak OK after setting the speech rate :
M-x dtk-set-rate 100

Have fun.

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