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will this pc run emaspeak

Check the hardware compatibility list on the Redhat site
--you'll get a more accurate answer.
Check that the soundcard is fully supported by Linux.
>>>>> "Tom" == Tom Baccanti <mail4tdb@earthlink.net> writes:

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    Tom> I am fairly new to linux OS and am considering
    Tom> buying the system below.  I would like to know from
    Tom> you folks if this system will run emacspeak
    Tom> adequately?

    Tom> New Linux Computer 1GHz CPU/40GB Hard Drive/56X
    Tom> CD/256 MB PC133Ram/ATI MAXX/

    Tom> Motherboard: Abit KT7 1-2X/4X AGP slot 6-PCI slots
    Tom> 1-ISA slot(For those Linux Modems) 3-DIMM slots for
    Tom> PC133 sdram 2-PS2 ports 2-USB ports 2-serial ports
    Tom> 1-parallel port 2-IDE ports 1-FDD port Hardware
    Tom> monitoring with 4 fan plugs Soft Menu III CPU
    Tom> setup(supports overclocking if desired.)  Has the
    Tom> latest BIOS installed to accommodate the full line
    Tom> of AMD processors

    Tom> HARD Drive: Maxtor 40gig ATA133/7200RPM

    Tom> Video Card: ATI Rage Fury Maxx AGP 64 megabyte
    Tom> sdram Twin accelerator engines

    Tom> Sound Card: CMI8738-SX 4-Channel PCI card

    Tom> Modem: SUP2720 56K ISA Data/Voice/Fax

    Tom> CDrom: 56X Manufacturer may vary (Substitute DVDrom
    Tom> for an extra $25)

    Tom> OS: Mandrake 8.2 Linux preconfigured and
    Tom> running(CD's included)

    Tom> You can click here to write me
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    Tom> baby...My mother never breast fed me. She told me
    Tom> that she only liked me as a friend.

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