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Re: will this pc run emaspeak

The two most important things to check would be the sound card
compatibility and make sure your modem is not one of those
'winmodems'. As you are expecting to install Mandrake, check the
mandrake web site for a hardware compatibility list. If there isn't
one there, then go to the redhat web site and check there hardware
compatibility list (the mandrake distribution is based on redhat). 

Probably your biggest issue will be the sound card if you plan to use
a software voice synthesizer like viavoice. A sound card which can
handle multiple input channels is very handy, but you need to make
sure linux supports the soundcard. Personally, I favor the
soundblaster live card as it has good support under linux and I've
found it works really well.

Linux does not support "windmodems" very well - part of the problem
with modems of this type is that they really on the operating system
to provide some of the processing other modems handle in
hardware. This is partially why they are cheaper - avoid
them. Personally, I still prefer external modems, but they do have the
downside of extra cabling etc. However, I find it easier to diagnose
problems with external modems than internal ones. Having said that,
internal modems are quite good once they are configured and running

All the rest of your specifications seem fine, but you should double
check with one of the hardware compatibilty lists mentioned above. 

>>>>> "Tom" == Tom Baccanti <mail4tdb@earthlink.net> writes:

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    Tom> I am fairly new to linux OS and am considering buying the
    Tom> system below.  I would like to know from you folks if this
    Tom> system will run emacspeak adequately?

    Tom> New Linux Computer 1GHz CPU/40GB Hard Drive/56X CD/256 MB
    Tom> PC133Ram/ATI MAXX/

    Tom> Motherboard: Abit KT7 1-2X/4X AGP slot 6-PCI slots 1-ISA
    Tom> slot(For those Linux Modems) 3-DIMM slots for PC133 sdram
    Tom> 2-PS2 ports 2-USB ports 2-serial ports 1-parallel port 2-IDE
    Tom> ports 1-FDD port Hardware monitoring with 4 fan plugs Soft
    Tom> Menu III CPU setup(supports overclocking if desired.)  Has
    Tom> the latest BIOS installed to accommodate the full line of AMD
    Tom> processors

    Tom> HARD Drive: Maxtor 40gig ATA133/7200RPM

    Tom> Video Card: ATI Rage Fury Maxx AGP 64 megabyte sdram Twin
    Tom> accelerator engines

    Tom> Sound Card: CMI8738-SX 4-Channel PCI card

    Tom> Modem: SUP2720 56K ISA Data/Voice/Fax

    Tom> CDrom: 56X Manufacturer may vary (Substitute DVDrom for an
    Tom> extra $25)

    Tom> OS: Mandrake 8.2 Linux preconfigured and running(CD's
    Tom> included)

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