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Customize save failure


I finally have emacspeak 16 using ViaVoice installed under Mandrake 
8.2.  All circuits are functioning perfectly, except saving the 
customization settings.  Here's the problem:

1.  I invoke the customize setting buffer via the c-e C combination.

2. I then find that the dictionary file "has changed outside of customize, 
so I erase the setting, believing that I have restored it to its original 
setting -- especially after emacspeak tells me that is the case!

3. I then try to save the setting via the "[state]" button on that 
setting.  I've tried all combinations I can think of... setting it first 
for this session, then saving; saving first; or, going to the state button 
for the emacspeak group (which seems to do nothing); and then trying the 
"common" buttons near the top of the buffer.  In every case where I try to 
"save for future sessions", I get the rather cryptic message that runs 
something like:

"Save setting, from "-q" would overwrite settings" or words to that effect, 
and nothing is saved.  I was hoping that emacspeak would be quite happy to 
save the settings for future sessions, but it complains and I cannot ever 
get back to the original state.

It puzzles me that the obvious intent to "override the settings", (since 
that is the command after all,) would even be testing for a reason not 
to.  I can understand that it is checking the legality of the values, as 
the help text describes, but it never tells me what the problem is.  If it 
would help, the cryptic word "mismatched" appears after I think I have 
reverted back to the original, standard setting for the dictionary file, as 
emacspeak leads me to believe.

I have read the help page on this, and still do not know what I must do to 
save the settings once emacspeak tells me that all have been restored to 
their standard settings.  Do not even know if it is a bug, or just a 
newvee's ignorance.  Advice would be appreciated.  Thank you...


		e-mail: helkenn@titan.com
Voice: (858) 552-9916    FAX: (858) 552-9660
David Helkenn
Titan Communications Product Division
3033 Science Park Rd.
San Diego, Ca 92121

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