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Re: German ViaVoice

Mario Lang writes:
>"Nath" <nath31@ifrance.com> writes:
>> Now stays the problem of the accent characters that are in use in french
>> language. For example the "" or the "" or lots of others characters.
>The same problem applies to German umlauts, like '', '' or ''.
And, for me at least, also has manifestations in English when dealing
with unibyte characters with the high bit set.  For example when I
read your above line using emacspeak-speak-line the umlaut  is spoken with characters like "A tilde 1
fourth" which isn't the character of course.  Putting the cursor over
the umlaut  and executing the commands
m-x emacspeak-speak-set-display-table
to iso-ascii
and then m-x emacspeak-speak-display-char
gets the answer I want.  I presume what we want to happen here is for
these characters to be considered "normal" which might be as simple as
making language-specific syntax tables.  This discussion probably
belongs on the emacspeak  list and there's every chance TVR has a
solution we just haven't noticed yet.  If not I'm already some way
down a (possibly wrong) track to fixing this and the incentive to get
French working is high so I'll keep looking if necessary.

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