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Re: JAWS and Flash

Daryl Croke writes:
> From: "Daryl Croke" <darylallan@hotmail.com>
> I am a web developer interested in using audio in multimedia to aid 
> accessibility.
There's no need to go to proprietary technologies for multi-media
support. I commend you for wanting to include users of all kinds of
platforms as your audience, but you'll not get there by relying on
proprietary assistive technology vendors, either. Frankly, the
proprietary route, both on the content and user agent side, is doomed in
this regard, though the reasons may be beyond this discussion at this

There are excellent, open, alternatives which will do the job far
better, actually. Look at:


The DAISY 3.0 protocols are also condified as ANSI Z39.86-2002, as
you'll see at this web site. They're based on SMIL 2.0, which you can
learn more about at:


There are significant advantages in this approach:

1.)	The technology is already in use, though mostly with the
somewhat older DAISY 2.02 specifications. On the mainstream side,
they're incorpored in the latest Real Player technologies, though not

2.)	They're backward compatible in that users can still view HTML,
and play .WAV or .MPG files.

And, you won't have to pay royalties to use the protocols, and you'll
find support on more platforms across the board.

> I have a few questions about JAWS and Flash compatibility.
> If I place a sound to play when the mouse is over a button will the screen 
> reader still read the button label?
> Can I use javascript commands on links to play, stop and pause the sound in 
> a Flash movie if I use JAWS?
> Are there any conflicts in using javascript, coldfussion or any other 
> scripting languages when the JAWS screen reader is active?
> ps. Do you know if JAWS are planning any versions for Mac OS or Linux?
> darylallan@mbox.com.au
> Daryl Croke.
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