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imcom jabber client setup help?

I'm trying to set up the 'imcom' client for Jabber instant messaging.
Can anyone recommend a server to which I can connect?  I want to use
Jabber's gateways to yahoo and MSN instant messaging.  I put the
client in and ran it from a shell.  When it started, it created a
profile for me, but I know not where it is.  I need to update it with,
among other things, the name or ip address of a working Jabber
server.  I am registered on <http://www.jabbercentral.org>, but cannot
update my usersettings.  It's been this way for at least a week.  What
is the procedure here?  Finally, in order to get an emacs extension
for imcom, what else must I do (besides updating my emacspeak to
version 16)?



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