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Re: software dectalk

"Nath" <nath31@ifrance.com> writes:

> How did you proceed to buy the decTalk software ? Perhaps I will buy it if
> I can obtain the beta version including French tts but I wrote to  fonix
> team and have had no response.

I also wrote to sales@fonix.com.  They are not responding.
But we were blind!  On their website, there is an ordering form:

> Can we download the files and pay electronically ?

The ordering form accepts credit card, yes.

> I didn't find any files refering to software DecTalk on the fonix
> website.

Their site is a bit obscure imho, and beware, the ordering
form is not lynx-enabled.  I had to ask a coworker
to fill it out in IE for me.

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