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Re: Emacspeak software DTK server: was RE: Linux runtime files

First of all people like you who to  
try to reverse engineer things should be lined up and shot since you
are responsible for giving open source hackers a bad reputation.

I have no idea why your install hangs --ask the people whom you paid
money for support:-)

>>>>> "Mario" == Mario Lang <mlang@delysid.org> writes:

    Mario> Oh, this is great!  Thanks you.  Unfortunately, the
    Mario> precompiled tcldtk.so behaves exactly the same way as the
    Mario> version I managed to compile without headers, namely it
    Mario> just hangs in the call to TextToSpeechStartup.

    Mario> Example output: lexx:/usr/src/emacs/emacspeak/servers# tcl
    Mario> dtk-soft Using /dev/sequencer, device 0 Could not get
    Mario> information on device 0 Error playing test note Calling tts
    Mario> startup.

    Mario> And here it hangs infinitely.

    Mario> Any ideas?

    Mario> -- CYa, Mario

Best Regards,

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