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Re: software dectalk

Hello, Anne.

The Dectalk Software costs $50.00 Us, and can be gotten from the owner 
However, those of us who own Dectalk Software are having library problems 
getting the libraries to link properly.
Even worse Phonix charges for the SDK, and thus we have to purchase it if 
we wish to build the Dectalk Software ourselves.
After doing some tinkering I gave up, and decided to go with eflite for 
software speech. It doesn't have the library linking problem as with 
Viavoice or the Dectalk Software.
Even better eflite can be ported to FreeBSD giving me software speech on 
both Linux and FreeBSD.
Lastly emacspeak combind with flite is totally free. So it suits my needs 
at this point.
When a solution comes out for the Dectalk problem perhaps I'll go back to 
seeing if I can get it going.


On Sun, 1 Dec 2002, Ann Parsons wrote:

> Hi all,
> I've taken a second look at the announcement for Emacspeak17, and I
> know you've probably answered this question already, but if someone
> could answer it off-list, I'd appreciate it.
> I've been reading the archives, looking for references to software
> dectalk speech because in the news release for 17, it stated that
> there was support for software dectalk speech.  I didn't find the
> answers to my questions.  Here are my questions.
> Is this included in the new release?  If not, where can one get it?
> Is it gpl, and if so, is it cost free.  If it is not cost free, how
> much does it cost?  If it is not GPL, what are the restrictions on
> using it?  
> Again, I apologize for asking, but I haven't downloaded 17 yet, and
> one of my main reasons for doing so would be to have software speech
> available for it.  Depending on how easy it is to come by, I would
> make a decision to upgrade.  I like 16, it does everything I want it
> to do.  
> Ann P.

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