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Re: Where from to download ViaVoice outloud

Regarding ViaVoice:

   For the $50US you get the runtime, no sources and you are
   restricted to the normal restrictions applying to commercial

Much of the the commercial software I know about is sold in a
competitive, free market.  This means you have the right to copy it,
study it, modify it, and redistribute it.  It sounds like you are
talking about restricted software.  If so, you are misusing the word

IBM does both.  It restricts some of its software, but it is shifting
to commercial free software.  IBM says it spent more than a billion US
dollars on commercial free software in 2002.

IBM makes more than 20 billion US dollars per year selling services,
such as those related to commercial free software, and even more
selling hardware, such as S390 mainframes (or are they called S3090s?
I don't know.  If you give me several million US dollars, I will find

Sometimes there are difficulties.  I was told a year or two ago by
someone selling IBM mainframes, the S390s, that while he was
encouraged by IBM management to sell those machines, at the same time,
the lawyers for his group did not want him to distribute any
documentation for the hardware that you spend several million US
dollars to purchase ...  the lawyers had not got the message that IBM
is a corporation that is supposed to make profits by selling ....

Are you talking about restricted IBM software or non-restricted IBM

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