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Problem with eflite, emacspeak, and Debian

Hello list,
I have successfully installed EmacSpeak and ViaVoice previously on an RH system, but I am currently experiencing problems getting Emacspeak and eflite working properly on a Libranet 2.7 (Debian based) system.  I am new to Debian, and would appreciate any direction and/or hints towards resolving this problem.  Doubtless, I'm just not looking in the right places, as I haven't been able to find much current documentation for Debian and Emacspeak.
I set my sources.list file to point to "testing", and then ran the following:
  apt-get install flite
  apt-get install flite-dev
  apt-get install eflite
  apt-get install emacspeak
  apt-get install emacspeak-ss
I set DTK_PORT=/dev/audio, and ensured that permissions were set to allow access to the sound device.
after starting emacspeak, I get the familiar "Precess Speaker Not Running" error.  After trying to type something, the following msg pops up in the main edit area:
I810_audio: drain_dac, dma timeout?
I810_audio: dma overrun on write
I810_audio: CIV 12, LVI 10, hwptr c00, count -240
I810_audio: drain_dac, dma timeout?
The sound device works fine with other applications.
Thanks in advance for any direction

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