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Help Needed with Emacspeak - VM

In any emacs buffer you can type C-h b to get a list of all the key
bindings which are defined in that buffer, this will tell you what
keys are bound to what commands.

Depending on how you installed VM, you may already have the necessary
documentation - most distributions of VM come with documentation in
texinfo format and they are usually installed with the rest of the
system. Check C-h i (the info pages). If you installed vm in
/usr/local/share/emacs/site-lisp, the info pages might be in
/usr/local/share/info (or something similar) and therefore may not be
in te main info index page. You may need to either add the link to the
info index page or load the vm info page explicitly.

If all else failes, the VM manual and FAQ are available on the vm
homepage at http://www.wonderworks.com/vm

>>>>> "Hugh" == Hugh Esco <hesco@greens.org> writes:

 Hugh> I've got vm receiving mail on this machine I'm building for
 Hugh> Adam.  But when I pull up the list of messages in the In-Box, I
 Hugh> can't seem to figure out how to get to the text of the message
 Hugh> itself, so it can get read to me.  Can someone help me with
 Hugh> this, please?

 Hugh> These pull down menus and the mouse will be useless to Adam.  I
 Hugh> need to know what the keystrokes are that will accomplish this.

 Hugh> Where can I find a down-loadable manual for the use of VM?

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