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Eflite CVS and Kal16


I'm running the latest CVS version of eflite, and have built the flite
Kal16 voice.  The clarity of this voice is far superior to that of the
8k stock flite voice.  Ther is, however, an annoying problem.  

When I start emacspeak 17, with eflite-with-kal16 as my voice, the
server doesn't start, and I get the "process speaker not running"
error.  I can restart the server with either "c-e c-s", or by
restarting emacspeak, and it works the second time.  To sum up:
eflite (with kal16) starts correctly on alternate attempts.  This
doesn't happen when I use my version of eflite, built with the
Cepstral voices.  

What's going on here?  I'd appreciate any ideas.



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