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Re: new voice lock engine

T. V. Raman writes:
 > make sure you have global-font-lock enabled in your .emacs --voice
 > lock for all the programming languages is working at this point.

Thanks - adding (global-font-lock-mode) to my initialization file
fixed it.

I also managed to run software Dectalk on my Debian system without any
problems. My only comment is that Dectalk Express still sounds better.
Whatever the algorithm is that determines the pitch contour of a
clause of sentence has been altered in such a way that the pitch can
vary unnaturally, and sometimes quite wildly, especially where there
is no punctuation to guide the synthesizer. The aforementioned problem
of the audio volume of the speech not being consistent with that of Emacspeak icons,
or of Dectalk tones themselves for that matter, is quite noticable. On
the other hand, I have not observed any significant lack of responsiveness, though
admittedly the machine has a 1.53 ghz AMD processor. The response to
single-character output for example is not as fast as Dectalk Express
(I understand that code was introduced into Dectalk Express precisely
for the purpose of speeding this up, and I am not sure whether it was
migrated to Software Dectalk), but neither is it painfully sluggish.

For those tracking the Debian situation, I upgraded to the latest C
library from the unstable distribution before installing Software
Dectalk, then compiled the tcldtk.so library against tcl 8.0 and the
headers supplied with the Software Dectalk.

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