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Re: new voice lock engine

The 1.5gb processor has nothing to do with the responsiveness you see
--it's got everything to do with running against the right C libs.
>>>>> "Jason" == Jason White <jasonw@ariel.ucs.unimelb.edu.au> writes:

    Jason> T. V. Raman writes:
    >>  make sure you have global-font-lock enabled in your .emacs
    >> --voice lock for all the programming languages is working at
    >> this point.

    Jason> Thanks - adding (global-font-lock-mode) to my
    Jason> initialization file fixed it.

    Jason> I also managed to run software Dectalk on my Debian system
    Jason> without any problems. My only comment is that Dectalk
    Jason> Express still sounds better.  Whatever the algorithm is
    Jason> that determines the pitch contour of a clause of sentence
    Jason> has been altered in such a way that the pitch can vary
    Jason> unnaturally, and sometimes quite wildly, especially where
    Jason> there is no punctuation to guide the synthesizer. The
    Jason> aforementioned problem of the audio volume of the speech
    Jason> not being consistent with that of Emacspeak icons, or of
    Jason> Dectalk tones themselves for that matter, is quite
    Jason> noticable. On the other hand, I have not observed any
    Jason> significant lack of responsiveness, though admittedly the
    Jason> machine has a 1.53 ghz AMD processor. The response to
    Jason> single-character output for example is not as fast as
    Jason> Dectalk Express (I understand that code was introduced into
    Jason> Dectalk Express precisely for the purpose of speeding this
    Jason> up, and I am not sure whether it was migrated to Software
    Jason> Dectalk), but neither is it painfully sluggish.

    Jason> For those tracking the Debian situation, I upgraded to the
    Jason> latest C library from the unstable distribution before
    Jason> installing Software Dectalk, then compiled the tcldtk.so
    Jason> library against tcl 8.0 and the headers supplied with the
    Jason> Software Dectalk.

Best Regards,

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