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Re: dismal build question

    It's possible emacs has changed so extensively this won't compile
    any longer.  I think I have 21.2 of emacs ...

On 2002 September 3, in that day's CVS snapshot of GNU Emacs 21.3, I
built dismal 1.4 without reported error, using just the command

Does the earlier GNU Emacs version 21.2 have a bug?  Could somone else
try version 21.2 rather than the current version in CVS?

You can download the source from:


According to my notes:

    This is the latest version of dismal in that repository, dated
    1997 Dec 3.  This respository is suggested in the Emacspeak Info.

I don't know how well Emacspeak with Dismal (I run version 15
intermittently).  That is another possible source of a bug.

All I can say is that Dismal built fine on the then CVS snapshot of
GNU Emacs and runs fine on the current CVS snapshot.

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