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shell command problem with emacspeak 17 and Mandrake 9.0

I have recently upgraded my box to Mandrake 9.0 and emacspeak 17, with 
emacs 21.1.  I have no trouble while within emacspeak itself.  I do 
experience the following whenever I issue the "a-x shell" command:
1. emacspeak remains in a "shell" buffer".  i.e. no shell prompt or 
interaction possible.
2. Speech disappears and I cannot get it back.
3. each keystroke while in this state, results in a beep heard from the 
computer's speaker, not the sound card.

Remedy: recycle power, as even moving to another terminal session fails, 
because the box is locked!  Also, I cannot issue emacs commands within the 
pseudo "shell" buffer to kill emacs.

I use Via Voice 5.x.

Has anyone had this problem?  I could find nothing in the archive nor at 

Thanks for any help on this.


		e-mail: helkenn@titan.com
Voice: (858) 552-9916    FAX: (858) 552-9660
David Helkenn
Titan Communications Product Division
3033 Science Park Rd.
San Diego, Ca 92121

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