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shell command problem with emacspeak 17 and Mandrake 9.0

I have no problem using the M-x shell command within emacs 21.2 on a
debian based system. 

Your description of whats happening makes me think your not where you
think you are or not getting what you think you should be getting.

1. You indicate you use the command a-x shell - I gather you mean
Meta-x shell, which is usually written as M-x shell. Are you using
ViaVoice outloud? It is possible your outloud server dies when you
issue this command and if you could read the minibuffer, each time the
beep sounds there would be a message saying something like "Process
speaker not found". Try entering the command C-e C-s to restart the
speech server. You may need to do a quit before issuing this command
e.g. C-g. 

Just for clarification, when you use M-x shell, you are sitll within
emacs and emacspeak. The command just opens a beuffer with a comint
process connected to your default shell - usually bash. You can also
try M-x eshell which is the emacs shell and is probably as good or
better than using M-x shell. One reason its better is that you can
issue commands like find file and other emacs commands from within
eshell and you have much better interaction between emacs and the
shell (obviously as its all emacs really!).



>>>>> "helkenn" == helkenn  <helkenn@titan.com> writes:

 helkenn> Hello, I have recently upgraded my box to Mandrake 9.0 and
 helkenn> emacspeak 17, with emacs 21.1.  I have no trouble while
 helkenn> within emacspeak itself.  I do experience the following
 helkenn> whenever I issue the "a-x shell" command: 1. emacspeak
 helkenn> remains in a "shell" buffer".  i.e. no shell prompt or
 helkenn> interaction possible.  2. Speech disappears and I cannot get
 helkenn> it back.  3. each keystroke while in this state, results in
 helkenn> a beep heard from the computer's speaker, not the sound
 helkenn> card.

 helkenn> Remedy: recycle power, as even moving to another terminal
 helkenn> session fails, because the box is locked!  Also, I cannot
 helkenn> issue emacs commands within the pseudo "shell" buffer to
 helkenn> kill emacs.

 helkenn> I use Via Voice 5.x.

 helkenn> Has anyone had this problem?  I could find nothing in the
 helkenn> archive nor at sourceforge.

 helkenn> Thanks for any help on this.

 helkenn> Dave

 helkenn> 		e-mail: helkenn@titan.com Voice: (858)
 helkenn> 552-9916 FAX: (858) 552-9660 s-mail: David Helkenn Titan
 helkenn> Communications Product Division 3033 Science Park Rd.  San
 helkenn> Diego, Ca 92121

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