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emacspeak enabled applications.


On the page at http://www.cs.cornell.edu/Info/People/raman/emacspeak/applications.html
where emacspeak enabled applications are mentioned in the list...
Speech-enabled applications on the Emacspeak audio desktop.
Emacspeak front-end for configuring the auditory display.
etc. etc.

Are all of these are automatically availabel with emacspeak, and if not, is there an easy way to see how many of them I have?

there are a few confusing elements to this.  eg. it states:
eterm  Speech-enabled terminal client for running full-screen applications like VI, Lynx and PINE.

however, i am able to run M-x term... i can't seem to find anything called eterm.  so it seems that either there are some missing, or the list on the page mentioned here is not a list using the actual program (command) names.

any clarity to my confusion here is appreciated.


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